Adam Makarenko


Adam  has worked on several TV shows, feature documentaries, stop motion films, and commercials as both a cinematographer and director over the past seven years.

In December 2007 Adam was awarded American Photo of The Year from American Photo magazine for his unique miniature photography work with bees and apiaries. He constructs each diorama, by hand, and then photographs the set.  From these constructed realities he's able to tell a story,  otherwise impossible through conventional photography.  He has garnered incredible notoriety as a photographer, including having won the coveted Bright Spark Award, published in The Magenta Foundations Flash Forward 2008 annual publication.



In 2009 Adam began directing music videos – often integrating miniature stop motion and live action together.  Since then he has directed music videos for:  Zeus, Broken Social Scene, The Great Lake Swimmers, Royal Wood, and Anthony D’Amato.  Adam was nominated for a Canadian JUNO award in 2011 for video of the year, and a Much Music MMVA VIDEO award within the same year for Forced to Love by Broken Social Scene.  During the fall of 2011, Adam made a short children’s film entitled LOST.   This short film integrated live action with miniature sets.  LOST was an official selection at the 2012 Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and it was part of the annual Shoot Magazine Directors Showcase in 2013 at the DGA in NYC. 

Adam is currently working on a feature documentary called Zug Island: The Story of The Windsor Hum. This documentary focuses on a mysterious hum that is plaguing the residents of Windsor, Ontario Canada.